Sweets & Sips

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Chocolate Banana Pudding  Vanilla Wafers, Toasted Meringue  9

Honey Crème Brûlée  Local Honey, Fresh Fruit  9

Beeramisu  Founders Breakfast Stout, Marscapone, Kahlua, Cocoa  9

Citrus Panna Cotta  Rum Raisins, Candied Pecans  9



9 Mile Station Milk Punch  W.L. Weller 7-yr Bourbon, Plantation Dark Rum, Milk, Chocolate Bitter  14

9 Mile Hot Toddies (3 Variations)

  1. Pierre Ferrand Cognac, Mint, Lemon  14

  2. W.L. Weller 7-yr Bourbon, Lemon, Angostura, Orange 14

  3. Milagro Reposado Tequila, Agave, Lime, Triple Sec 14

Hot Coffee Drinks (3 Variations)

  1. W.L. Weller 7-yr Bourbon, Mint, Cream, Coffee  14

  2. Plantation Dark Rum, Coconut, Milk, Coffee 14

  3. Tullamore D.E.W. Irish Whiskey, Stolen Smoked Rum, Cream, Coffee 14



William Larue Weller  Bourbon Whiskey  40

Elijah Craig 18 Year Single Barrel  Bourbon Whiskey  40

Elijah Craig 23 Year Single Barrel  Bourbon Whiskey  75

The Singleton of Glendullan 15 Year  Scotch Whiskey  20

Glenmorangie Nectar D'Or  Scotch Whiskey  25

Suerte Extra Añejo  Mexican Extra Añejo Tequila  40

Whistle Pig 15 Year  Rye Whiskey  40

Noah's Mill  Bourbon Whiskey  20


*The above menus are merely samples and are subject to change at anytime without notice